Business breakfast | Business in the big city

This week, on the 7th July 2021, for the fifth time, the Business Breakfast within the framework of the project "Business in the big city”.

This project was launched in the end of November 2020. The aim of the project is to create a platform for businesspeople and entrepreneurs to discuss current problems and exigencies. For our Business Breakfast we invite well-known speakers, distinguished entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and many more, with whom we discuss topical issues and seek solutions to the challenges that arise.

Plenty of topics have been discussed during these 5 meetings. There were interesting lectures, hot disputes, and curious ideas. Such meetings help entrepreneurs and businesspeople to find like-minded people, to take part in brainstorming sessions, to discover new insights and, most importantly, to get answers to their questions from professionals.

The topic of the latest, fifth Business Breakfast was connected with the one of the most burning issues of the day: "Selling services amidst the pandemic".

That's why the ABE Consulting team decided to hold a Business Breakfast on the topic of sales in the current circumstances. Indeed, not everyone has given up. And those who are left have to survive and fight for every client. Competition in the service sector has always been intense, Selling has always been a challenge. And it may seem that now, when many players have left the market, the remaining businesses should have no problem with customers. But things are not so rosy – the demand has also been affected. Therefore, those entrepreneurs who want to retain their market share and who do not want to surrender have to become flexible and inventive in order to maintain sales and breakeven result of their business activities.

The speakers were:

Ilya Tishkin

founder and managing partner of Constanta Group of Companies

Shared real cases of sales in services from his personal practice.

Alyona Tuzova

SMP Vice President, Head of Retail Banking

Talked about the hidden reserves for increasing sales in a world of pandemics.

How to sell in the service sector? How to sell consultancy? Where should you find clients and how to earn their trust? How can you increase your cheque? And how to organise company processes so that both business does not suffer and all the current requirements of the authorities are satisfied?

The topic created a buzz and seats were bought out in a matter of days. Last Wednesday brought together not only interesting speakers, but also enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business people. There was no shortage of interest in the speakers' presentations. Discussions were as heated as the weather outside but amiable.

The atmosphere of the breakfast, as well as the insights with which the entrepreneurs have left the event, showed once again that everything that has been done by the ABE Consulting team since the launch of the "Business in the Big City" project was not in vain.

The platform is now running and evolving. Our meetings have become regular.

In this regard we can only recommend to stay tuned! There are many exciting topics of discussion ahead.

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