Углеродный налог

Carbon tax

At the SPIEF that was held in the June 2021 the President of Russia touched upon a topical issue of climate change and claimed intention to increase the share of low-carbon energy sources which includes atomic, hydrogen and electrical energy.

seo2 14.10.2021
Бизнес-завтрак | Бизнес в большом городе

Business breakfast | Business in the big city

This week, on the 7th July 2021, for the fifth time, the Business Breakfast within the framework of the project "Business in the big city”.

seo2 09.07.2021
Бухгалтерия и бизнес-непримиримые противоречия

Bookkeeping and business irreconcilable contradictions

Any businessman or proprietor, regardless of the size of the company, has no affection for bookkeeping. They find accounting tedious.

seo2 30.06.2021
Все, что нужно знать о ЗПИФ

All you need to know about CEF

What is CEF? Very few people have a clear understanding of what is behind this abbreviation.

seo2 29.06.2021
COVID-19 и бизнес

COVID-19 and business

Events surrounding COVID-19 are moving at the speed of light. It seemed that tensions had started to ease, and the situation with disease incidence had begun to stabilize.

seo2 18.06.2021


Millions of people already know the word repatriation. It is the return to one's homeland. The term is usually used with regard to POWs, displaced persons and refugees..

seo2 10.06.2021


Are you familiar with the term factoring? It is still a new thing to our country. In the meantime, the procedure has its origins.

seo2 07.06.2021
Цифровая трансформация

Digital transformation

The history of money refers us back to the history of civilization as a whole, being indissolubly tied to it.

seo2 25.05.2021
Оксана Айсина – генеральный директор АБЕ Консалтинг

Oksana Aisina – CEO of ABE consulting

In the course of her professional activity, Oksana supported the projects on transfer pricing, CFC, and tax risk mitigation.

seo2 30.04.2021

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