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The history of ABE Consulting establishment dates back to 2010, when our company was a part of the Otkritie Holding. The border of directors has taken a decision to make auxiliary departments self-sustaining, to outsource them.

Aisina Oksana Alekseevna was offered to head the team of accountants and tax officers. In such a way the company UNK (now ABE consulting) was established and the members of the Otkritie holding became its first clients.

The aim of this spin-off was to create shared services center for supporting Otkritie group of companies on basis of common methodology, consolidated accounts and timely acquisition of analytical data. The panel expanded with every passing year.








Saved our clients more
Than 9 000 000 dollars


In 2011 UNK tripled the number of clients, and reduced the costs of accounting maintenance in the group by 3.7 million rubles. Savings on tax payments amounted to 200 million rubles


In 2012 we made an emphasis on automation. Apart from, UNK team managed to implement a “global” transition to 2.0 and introduce a records system in the group.


Over the next two years we participated in a number of large-scale deals of the group. Worked with repurchase agreements including definition and methodology of margin calls. Transfer pricing legislation came into force and the UNK team acted as an engine driving transfer pricing project. Transfer pricing methodology fell on the shoulders of the tax officers, and we were the first to invent and develop methodology of transfer pricing. UNK substantiated the marketability of the interest rate on loans with foreign subsidiaries. Alongside with addressing current issuesб concerning changes in legislation, UNK went on expanding and the number of our clients has risen beyond 100 companies. According to our statistics, in 2015, we submitted more than 1012 of mandatory reports to regulatory agencies.


Year 2016. UNK team participated in the Award “Tax Team of the Year” established by PwC and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, pitching the project on CFC. We described the implementation of the project in the Otkritie holding, told how we prepared, outlined the processes and allocated responsibilities. There were almost 130 CFCs necessary to devote attention to, to gather data and prepare accounts. The committee of experts highly appreciated our team and on the voting results we won the Grand Prix in the category “Tax Team of the Year 2016”. That was a well-deserved reward.


In 2017 Oksana Aisina was invited to take a seat of expert of the award “Tax Team of the Year”.

That year UNK continued enlarging. By that time, we provided accounting services for 270 companies and launched the automation project “1C Holding Management”.


In 2018 UNK started to take an active part in public events. The first one was 1C, where we told about our experience of introduction of “1C Holding Management”.


In the fall of 2019, we spoke at an international conference on Escrow accounts in Munich. In the same year, we endorsed an agreement with the PRO BONO Institute, acting as an expert on taxation and accounting issues. We also concluded an agreement on the students' internship with RANEPA.

December 2019, Oksana Aisina spoke at a conference "Collateral Caseorium. Based on real events" on a hot topic of Escrow accounts.


2020, the year tough for everyone. Pandemic. UNK moved to a new office at Avtozavodskaya, completed a project on consulting a large holding company within the framework of an on-site inspection and preparation of documents.

We helped to justify expenses (prepared documents) for a non-resident a parent company. Just as millions of people last year, we had to accept the rules of new reality. The notion of distance working have become common, Zoom conferences have become essential.

Just as thousands of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, we have reshaped and reorganized our business processes.

Под конец 2020 года запустили новый проект “Бизнес в большом городе”, в рамках которого мы организуем бизнес-встречи, где у бизнесменов и предпринимателей есть возможность обсудить волнующие их проблемы и вопросы, а также завести новые знакомства.


Our company entered 2021 with a new name – ABE Consulting, which marked a new stage in its development. We established ambitious goals for this year. Not all of them, unfortunately, have been achieved.

However, we certainly have something to be proud of. In 2021:

  • ABE Consulting increased its revenue by 2.5 times and launched several new products.
  • We implemented a CRM system.
  • ABE Consulting introduced a revamped website and its mascot, Ange, that now appears on our social media.
  • We held 4 business breakfasts for our clients, colleagues and friends, and our CEO Aisina Oksana acted as a speaker at several venues, including the All-Russian Tax Forum of CCI.
  • At the premises of our office we opened Public reception office of the High Commissioner for rights of entrepreneurs of Moscow on taxation issues. Oksana Aisina became its head.

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So, our company is 11 years old. It’s a solid number.

Over that time ABE Consulting has gained a considerable experience in many areas of business, accounting and taxation.

In particular, we amassed experience in:
Work with CFCs, methodological support, calculation of the actual CFC profit result and CFC tax, analysis of transactions for tax consequences, including transactions with financial instruments and securities, accounting for repo and margin-call transactions, methodology and automation of these transactions. Organization and analysis of transfer pricing transactions, development of policies and operating procedures. Analysis of SWAP agreements with different types of conditions. Interaction with BIG-4 auditors on IFRS reporting for tax position. Involvement in 415-P purchase of credit institutions, preparation of disclosures. Participation in the preparation of the issuer's report and its disclosure. Participation reorganisation procedures (incorporation, merger), liquidation balance sheet. Organisation of the transition to the new chart of accounts and accounting standards for non-credit financial institutions. And this is not a full list of our competences.

In 2021, the company has an objective to maintain a competitive position in the consultancy market basing on our expertise. We have plenty of plans and business ideas.

And the major goal of our work is to keep going. Our mission is to mitigate risks in order to maintain sustainable and flexible development.

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